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General Instructions

Understanding the purpose and use of the High-Tech Batting Cage will help you decide if this is something by which your community, company, or organization will benefit both now and throughout the next generation.  


Philosophy of Utilization

This facility will enhance winning capability and personal and team production in any baseball or fastpitch softball endeavor. Players whose home location is in the Midwest at 500 feet elevation to 1,000 feet are seldom exposed to the best pitches in baseball. This is because the air in the natural environment in the Midwest is thinner than that of sea level locations. 

Baseball and softball pitches at 50 mph or greater have distinct curvatures to their trajectory depending on the air density present in a particular location (see the diagram).   

When a player becomes familiar with hitting a baseball of the lower trajectory depiction and then travels to a venue for competition anywhere close to sea level, that player will struggle to change his/her muscle memory soon enough to hit the pitch depicted in the top position.

See Kansas City Royals data on hitting the fastball on


Midwest Venues vs. Sea Level Venues

In baseball, when pitched at sea level, it looks the same as always to the hitter on its way to the plate, but near the strike zone it moves more dramatically. This causes losses for the team and harms the self confidence of young players. Fastpitch softball is the same, even though the rise-ball is pitched from thigh level, it rises similarly at the end of the pitch and causes the same issues for the team and player.

The only way to experience the top trajectory pitch-type is to practice in either very cold weather, which occurs outdoors only in winter and spring months, or to create enough air pressure in a batting cage to replicate the trajectory.

We recommend that players who typically travel long distances to a differing elevation hit a few pitches (approximately 4-6) per day before or after any home game in the pressurized facility to keep their visual memory in tune with their muscle memory.

This is a year around facility which is phenomenal for training during the off-seasons.

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