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Chamber Features

The facility pressurizes the air to match any climate requested by coaches or staff. For example, high or low altitude - warm or cold air - day or night game conditions.

Simultaneous entry and exit door locks provide uninterrupted access and climate duplication for approximately 5 players at a time. Lighting at 150 foot candles (normal stadium lighting) with custom décor for floor and wall and protected fresh air supply.


Every Chamber is a Custom Facility

Air Density is a huge part of pitch movement that affects muscle memory and visual memory for both pitcher and hitter. Each stadium’s climate is unique and each team’s annual road schedule creates a unique, blend of exposure to greater and lesser ball movement, resulting in performance inconsistencies. Advance access to precise air resistance properties for road trips provides your team the most level playing field available. Each facility is customized to your climate requirements at no additional cost. You may contact us without obligation to request information regarding your customization needs. 


Each Cage Includes:

  • The ProBatter™ Sports Video Pitching System.
  • Typical Netting for a Hitting/Pitching Cage
  • Computer, Video Recording and Audio Equipment
  • Air Density Gauges and Displays (Neeley Scale)

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