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Put 30 Stadiums in Your Park

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Air Chamber Facilities, Inc. is a company that markets a small facility to non-coastal college and professional baseball teams. The facilities, which are pressurized similarly to an airplane fuselage, are custom designed to retrofit within existing batting cage and other off-field locations.

Transitional Baseball:

The most difficult thing about college and professional baseball is being consistent while hitting during transitional baseball. That is; when players transition from places such as Denver, Atlanta, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Chicago and even Kansas City to the west coast or the east coast of the U.S., they must suffer the difficulties of hitting extra movement on the fastball. This can take several games and leave a player open to failure and confidence issues, creating slumps. The only way to expose oneself to additional movement on a fastball is to travel from the interior states to the coastal states for live hitting. Until now! Our facility can duplicate the coastal states' pitch movement, exactly! And, we gauge it precisely!

The purpose of the unit is to provide non-coastal teams a method of leveling the playing field against those teams that are located in traditional "pitcher's parks" where there is more movement on pitches due to heavier air resistance. See "Sortable Stats" on the sister website

Hyperbaric Batting Cage

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Exterior view of single cage with entry and exit vestibules

Just a few pitches daily can help players maintain their hitting eye…
Both pitchers and hitters benefit
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Example of space where facility can be located
under stadium seating

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Interior concept of single cage without netting showing

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